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Aerobatic Instruction

The main focus of Wayne Handley's training is to instill confidence in you. He will tailor his program to your piloting needs. Wayne's vast experience across all aviation fields enables him to customize his basic program to optimize your performance as an Ag Pilot, Corporate/Airline Pilot, IAC Competitor, Airshow Pilot, or a Military Pilot.

Plane upside downYou will leave the course feeling far more comfortable in your basic flying skills, along with a new level of confidence in flying to the edge and beyond. Wayne will add new moves to your aerobatic repertoire, take you through every type of spin, and make you bulletproof in every conceivable unusual attitude. He will find your weaknesses and work on them until they become your strengths. With all that said, rest assured that above all, the experience will be FUN!

Wayne's standard introductory course price of $2200* includes:

  1. Six flights of approximately 30 minutes each in an Extra 300L
  2. Flights will cover stalls, spins, basic aerobatic maneuvers, and unusual attitudes
  3. Approximately six hours of briefing and debriefing

*$1950 each, if you wish to take the course simultaneously with a fellow pilot

You can obtain a detailed syllabus of this introductory course by clicking this link:


Classroom Clinic: Spins and Unusual Attitudes

Wayne is very active on the speaking circuit, which includes his ground-based seminar on spins and unusual attitudes. His two hour presentation covers the basics and the finer points of these maneuvers. Wayne will fly to your airport, deliver his presentation, and subsequently fly with as many interested attendees as time and weather permit in his Extra 300L. Plan for two consecutive days or a weekend of education, entertainment and excitement at your home airport. Invite your local pilots, flying club members, aerobatic competitors, corporate pilots and anyone else interested in improving his or her flying skills. The seminar fee is $1000 (forty people at $25 each) and $250 per flight. Each flight will cover coordinated and uncoordinated slow flight, stalls, spins, basic aerobatics and unusual attitude recognition and recovery. Time should allow for five pilots to fly during the afternoon following the seminar and seven on the following day. An additional charge of $.50 a mile roundtrip will be added to the seminar fee for airports farther than 150 miles from Groveland, CA.

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Extra 300L

FAA Certified Load Factor
+/ - 10 G's
25.3 Ft.
22.8 Ft.
8.6 Ft.
Wing Area
115.2 Sq. Ft.
Textron Lycoming AEIO540-L1B5
MT 3 Blade, Constant Speed

Fuel Capacity
54.1 Gallons
Usable Fuel
52.7 Gallons
510 Nautical Miles

Empty Weight
1440 Lbs.
2095 Lbs.

AIRSPEEDS: yellow plane
Never Exceed (Vne)
220 Kts.
Maneuvering Speed (Va)
158 Kts.
Stall Speed
55 Kts.

T/O Roll (2095 Lbs. @ SL)
315 Ft.
T/O Over 50 Ft. Obstacle
679 Ft.
Rate of Climb (2095 Lbs)
3,200 FPM
Cruise (4000 Ft. @ 75%)
170 Kts.

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